Control Valve




Established over 160 years ago, the Hopkinsons® brand is renowned for long and dependable service life, generation after generation.

Safety Valve


Sarasin-RSBD™ spring and pilot operated pressure relief valves are designed to provide optimum performance, safety and reliability.

Choke Valve



The Blakeborough® brand has been at the forefront of designing and manufacturing control, choke and steam conditioning valves for more than 70 years.

Industrial Valve



Batley Valve

Mac Valve

BDK™ is a globally-trusted brand with over 30 years experience providing flow control solutions to the marketplace.

We are one of the world's leading engineering businesses providing innovative
solutions which lower your Total Cost of Ownership and increase productivity.


  1. Hopkinsons
  2. Blakeborough
  3. Sarasin-RSBD
  4. BDK
  5. Mac Valve
  6. Batley Valve

Committed to safe valve performance and lifespan support

Our versatile valve products are found on installations ranging from shell boilers to the highest capacity units within power stations.

Hopkinsons® Parallel Slide Gate and Globe Valves are standard bearers for isolation, protection and process control. We work closely with customers to ensure each valve performs to design throughout its lifespan, and our range of aftermarket and valve support services ensure that equipment delivers excellence and safety today and in the future.

In addition to conventional power applications, Hopkinsons® valves are frequently used for isolation, regulating, pressure relief, instrument and drain, and specific plant protection duties on the new generation of Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Power Stations. In the nuclear energy industry we support special applications in nuclear facilities, including main steam isolation, main feedwater isolation and safety relief.

Valves and desuperheating equipment

Our world-wide reputation is based on engineering excellence applied to a comprehensive range of specialist products and effective customer support. Our control valve product range offers an extensive choice of valves and desuperheating equipment.

The Blakeborough® brand provides a wide range of control valves for the process industry. Our exceptional track record includes supplying valves for the following main industries: conventional power, nuclear power, solar power, oil and gas, petro chemical and LNG. We have also supplied and developed valves for more specialist applications based on system and process requirements. Our world-wide reputation is based on engineering excellence applied to a comprehensive range of specialist products and effective customer support.

-  Power – General service through to severe service control valves, three way valves, steam conditioning desuperheaters, turbine bypass valves.
-  Nuclear power – Fully qualified range of valves including general service, severe service, three way and turbine bypass.
-  Solar power – Range of valves suitable for molten salt service.
-  Oil and gas – General service and severe service valves suitable for a wide range of applications including anti surge and sand control. Our range of choke valves is suitable for the majority of control choke applications, including production, injection, chemical injection and gas lift.
-  Petro chemical – General service through to severe service valves.
-  LNG – General service valves through to fully cryogenically tested valves.

A proven track record

We have extensive references and a proven track record in the supply of valves across a number of key industries. Our valves are industry renowned, each with an established reputation for quality engineering and reliability.

Trusted globally, from oil and gas to power industries

Weir manufactures and supplies a comprehensive range of Sarasin-RSBD™ pressure relief valves and safety devices for use in oil and gas and power industries (conventional and nuclear). The variety of products covers all industrial applications in which protective action against overpressure is required. Our Sarasin-RSBD™ products are recognised globally for their quality, innovative design and durability. Weir’s operation in Vendin-le-Vieil, France and in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, manufactures the following ranges of Sarasin-RSBD™ Pressure Relief Valves.


High performance isolation valves

The BDK™ range of isolation valves have proven their capabilities across various sectors, primarily in Power, Steel, Chemical, Refineries, Pharmaceutical and Fertilizers industries. Our valves are trusted to perform within high-temperature, high-pressure and critical applications. Our range includes Gate, Globe, Check, Ball, Butterfly, Diaphragm and Plug valves.

Designed and delivered as per the latest industry standards (BS, API, AWWA, etc.), BDK™ valves come in a large size range, meeting varied application requirements. The valves are manufactured in a state-of-art plant in Hubbali (India), equipped with latest machining, welding and testing facilities to meet the standards of global clients.

The BDK™ range of valves have a wide global footprint, with products being accepted and proven across five continents.













A leading standard in global process sectors

Batley™ High Performance Butterfly Valves have been established as the leading standard in the majority of process sectors globally. The key to this success is our capability to deliver high quality valves that consistently add value and dependability to processes.

We offer a range Batley Valve® products to deliver accurate control for the demands of air, gas, steam and liquid applications at excellent value. Using our innovative analysis and configuration system, we will design and deliver the optimum valves and controls solution to protect the value of the production process. Weir has developed an extensive global installed base and expertise across a wide range of industry sectors, and through this installed base knowledge we are able to continually pass on our knowledge of control and isolation valves to our customers in order to anticipate the future needs and expectations of the any given application.


We have some of the best known and most trusted brands in minerals, oil and
gas and power. Each is unique but they all deliver highly engineered performance
 and lower your Total Cost of Ownership.
















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